About Us

Passion. Purpose. Promise.

Coeus Tutoring is based out of Buffalo, NY. We serve not only western New York but regions throughout the country.
As long as there are tutors in your area then we are present. If there aren’t any tutors in your area, we’ll find one for you. All of our tutors are certified teachers. This means that our tutors are familiar with the state curriculum in their respective areas. There is over 75 years of teaching experience throughout the company so you will only get the best from us!


Whether you have a child that is a budding novelist or a child that struggles with the difference between there, they’re and their, our teachers will get them on the right track. We teach everything from Reading Skills in Kindergarten all the way up to College courses. Our teachers will be matched to your child’s needs and learning abilities.


I know it’s said, “Those that don’t know history are forced to repeat it.” Our teachers will make sure that your child know History and won’t be doomed to repeat it. They will learn everything from Ancient Egypt to the Modern-Era and how our culture has had an effect on the world we live in. We also teach Economics to prepare your child for the world we live in.


Every child needs to learn the basics of math because math is everywhere. Whether your child wants to be a mathematician, build things, or simply know how to balance a budget. Our highly skilled tutors can help with that. Need help in a more advanced class like Algebra, Trigonometry or Calculus amongst many other styles we can help!


When most people think about Science they picture a scientist in a white lab coat doing experiments over a vial of bubbling liquids. While this Mad Scientist view is highly entertaining it’s not what 98% of us will encounter. You know what? That’s okay. Our teachers will get your child familiar with Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science, Physics, etc. Or if you have a young child that is struggling we have highly qualified Elementary School teachers that can work with your child to make sure they put their best foot forward in class. Soon they will be the ones answering all of the questions!


Music is one of the most exciting subjects
a child can take in school. Many of them have ideas that they can be Pop stars or Rappers. Others just want to be in the Band, Orchestra or Choir because their friends are in it. Sometimes, however, children quit because all of their friends are progressing faster than they are and they don’t like feeling embarrassed. Other times, school districts cut music DURING a child’s education. Either way, the best way to keep your child involved in music is through Coeus Tutoring. After all, the importance of music across the curriculum has been proven again and again.

ASL, ESL & Foreign Language

Languages are a beautiful thing that can connect us as a society. However, languages can be a struggle for some.
No matter, our teachers can help you learn Spanish, French, Italian, German, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, ASL (American Sign Language) or any of the lovely languages in our world. If English is your second language then our teachers will get you communicating with more confidence in no time!


We will prepare you for some of the most important tests you will take in your life!
Our teachers will not only relieve the stress of testing but they will make your child look forward to testing. Well as fun as it can be. Each of our certified teachers will help your child achieve the highest grade they are capable of. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results of their exam. We offer classes and one-on-one tutoring. Whichever works best for your child.